ConnXus Share Your Story Series

By: Alfred Riddick Jr., President, Game Time Budgeting

Supplier diversity has positively impacted my business by providing opportunities to help others enhance their financial wellness. I created Game Time Budgeting, a Cincinnati-based financial education firm in 2010 to help people develop the proper mindset for spending less so they can have more.

Game_Time_Budgeting7e47651a-26ee-472e-9ed8-845b0e9683760000_20110219091813_640_480I first met Veronica Cook-Euell (Supplier Diversity Program Manager for Kent State University) at an OH Business Expo on November 21, 2013. I inquired about opportunities to engage students in financial wellness workshops and was told my first step was entering my company information in their supplier database. I told Veronica I would enter the appropriate information that evening and she jokingly said, “Sure, that’s what everyone says.” After returning to my office, I created the company profile and sent her an e-mail explaining that is was complete. She then mentioned that my follow up was impressive and suggested I meet Della Marie Marshall, Senior Associate Director, Center for Student Involvement. At that time, my business was only three years old. I never considered if driving three and a half hours for a 30 minute meeting was a good use of my time. That 30 minute meeting has turned into a three year business relationship with Kent State University.

Another example of supplier diversity impacting my business involves engaging team members at Toyota’s Erlanger, KY facility in a financial wellness workshop which led to attending their 2013 Toyota Opportunity Exchange. While there, I met one of their tier 1 suppliers who expressed interest in providing personal development opportunities to their team members. Sheryl Bronnenburg, Director of HR at Indiana Bridge, desired to assist her team to reduce financial stress. During the next several months, we exchanged phone calls and e-mails which allowed us to build a relationship. Upon receiving a sample copy of The Financial Fitness Playbook (workshop educational resource), Sheryl and the Indiana Bridge Plant Manager became so excited about adding value to their team member’s lives that they shut down the facility for a half day to accommodate every employee attending the four-hour financial wellness workshop. 100% of the attendees stated the personal development opportunity met or exceeded their expectations.

The final example involves a serendipitous meeting between Steve Tosh, Chief Operating Officer, The Business Backer [a provider of small business financing], and I at Sycamore High School. We were guest speakers for the same class during Career Day. A few days after Steve and I met he was involved in an executive team meeting and Kenneth Adi, HR Administrator, expressed his desire to provide financial wellness training. Steve responded, “I just met a guy whose company can help us.” After delivering a four session series, participants showed a 25% decrease in financial stress. 90-days post workshop, they reported eliminating $8,020 in debt (above the minimum payment) while adding $6,175 to savings.

Game Time Budgeting, provides dynamic and interactive financial fitness workshops for adult and youth audiences.