ConnXus Cares about Sustainability: Minimizing E-Waste

Topping off at 9.4 million tons, the United States generates more electronic waste, or e-waste, than any other country.1

downloadE-waste in Manesar, India in 2009; image provided by

The toxic effects of e-waste impact not only the the air we breathe and the water we drink, but it produces long-lasting health effects on our overall well-being. While most e-waste is dumped into landfills, only 12% is currently being recycled, according to Trayak, a sustainable technology solutions company.

Those who do recycle their electronics, however, may not be doing the earth all that much good. Most of recycled e-waste is shipped to underdeveloped countries, where major organizations can hire cheap labor to rid of dangerous metals and chemicals. In Ghana, Jim Puckett, executive director of the nonprofit Basel Action Network, said he has seen mostly orphans – anywhere from 12 to 20 years old – working in a slum, burning discarded electronics and releasing toxic fumes into the air, according to U.S. News.2

Team ConnXus is participating in Trayak’s MyGizmo e-waste collection drive during the month of July. #ConnXusCares



Trayak, a neighboring office of ConnXus in Mason, OH, is offering a viable alternative to dumping e-waste by enabling individuals to properly dispose of old, unused electronics—and the tool is called MyGizmo. “MyGizmo is an application and mobile platform that will promote reuse, recycling, recovery, and electronic waste awareness. The app leverages a user’s social network to reduce the uncertainty of buying and selling to strangers on the internet,” states Trayak.

ConnXus Cares® about building a sustainable future for current and new generations to come. In the spirit of environmental conservation, this month the ConnXus team is indulging in some healthy competition by participating in Trayak’s E-Waste drive. Team members are bringing in old laptops, monitors, keyboards, cellphones, tablets, digital cameras, GPS devices and the list goes on.


How is your office, community and/or household working to build a more sustainable e-future? #ConnXusCares

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