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Supplier Spotlight: EP2S Compensation Solutions

Ep2S Compensation Solutions

Eugene Epps, a certified compensations professional, made the ultimate decision to embark on a new journey after 30 years of experience in the corporate human resources industry. Today he is the founder and managing partner of 11-year old EP2S Compensation Solutions, LLC, a minority-owned business and ConnXus+ supplier based in Houston, TX.

Hands down, HR rewards and benefits’ programs should not decrease a company’s bottom-line—instead, HR programs should, “provide a positive impact and return on the organization’s HR dollar, as well as encourage career development that benefits the company and its employees,” explains Epps.

Since its founding in 2004, EP2S Compensation Solutions, prides itself on developing employee pay, retirement and healthcare programs that produce maximum return-on-investment (ROI) for both the company and employees. The consulting firm is also known for developing and implementing sound reward programs that support a company’s strategic business and HR objectives.

For example, today’s employer-sponsored health insurance plans (fully insured or self-insured) annually cost a company and its employees thousands or millions of dollars, while producing a negative impact and return on the organization’s healthcare dollar, cash-flow, operations and bottom-line. EP2S Compensation Solutions has recently launched a new and innovative healthcare pay program called EP2S Healthcare Benefit Rewards. This new “Program” is designed to annually save a company and its employees thousands to millions of dollars while producing a positive impact and return on the organization’s healthcare dollar, cash-flow, operations and bottom-line.

To learn more about the new healthcare pay program, Epps has published the book EP2S Health Care Benefit Rewards Program that can be ordered on line by visiting www.ep2s.net.

Eugene Epps Supplier SpotlightWhen asked about the firm’s major milestones in its 11-years of operation, Epps responded, “I am most proud of the development and implementation of our revolutionary job evaluation system—EP2S Broadbanding. The system was developed on behalf of a client’s need to simplify and streamline its organization as well as the job writing and evaluation process, all while reducing labor costs.” Epps has a book published on the EP2S Broadbanding job evaluation system.

Additionally, the firm developed and implemented an innovative pay program for Kinder Morgan’s non-exempt field operations employees. This new program simplified their client, Kinder Morgan’s, ability to train, classify and offer reward programs for their non-exempt field employees. Also among EP2S Compensation Solutions clients are Occidental Petroleum Corporation, Dow Corning–Settlement Facility Trust and Spectra Energy.

Epps, a member of the National Association of African Americans in Human Resources (NAAAHR), has been a ConnXus+ supplier for one year and on Wednesday, November 18.

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