WBE’s Go Above and Beyond in Supplier Diversity

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Cincinnati-based creative and printing company, Evolution creative solutions, is a certified woman-owned business (WBE) that has reaped myriad benefits from supplier diversity opportunities while giving back to local WBE communities.

Cathy Lindemann, president of Evolution creative solutions, attests to the innumerable growth and opportunity that supplier diversity has offered to her business, her personal growth, employees and extended community.


The impact that supplier diversity has afforded my company is insurmountable—not only in the way of gaining contracts, but the knowledge, experiences and increased opportunities that otherwise would have been left in the dark.

Being a part of a supplier diversity program has provided opportunities for me from networking to growth, to giving back and everything in between. The benefits have benn vast and continue to expand.

On My Growth as a Woman Entrepreneur

Since becoming part of a supplier diversity program, I have grown tremendously as a leader while expanding my knowledge base not only about successful business leadership but also on managing more efficient business operations. The increase in my confidence and leadership skills has helped me recognize my company’s strengths and weaknesses, and equipped me with the tools to improve the weaknesses and leverage the strengths. The ample networking opportunities have allowed me to interact with and learn from a variety of new businesses and diverse business leaders, whom I otherwise might not have met.

On Growing my Business

Supplier diversity has significantly impacted the financial success, operations efficiencies, and unique niche of Evolution creative solutions. Not only has supplier diversity streamlined our business procedures, but it has revolutionized the ways in which we market our product offerings to new markets. Because of the increase in audience reach, our small business has experience an outstanding growth in revenue.

On Creating a Positive Work Culture

Additionally, supplier diversity has positively impacted my employees. Through supplier diversity, they’ve been offered better benefits, and more opportunities for personal and professional growth. As a result, our team has grown closer and increased our growing culture of positivity, giving employees a newfound sense of pride, equality and empowerment through leading.

On Giving Back to the WBE Community

I have become a mentor to other women-owned businesses, specifically during the WBE-certification process. Once they are certified, I help them narrow down which events and networking opportunities are best suited for their specific needs. Furthermore, Evolution creative solutions has made financial donations to other WBE’s and small businesses to help them succeed. Recently I have bolstered partnerships with small businesses in the Roselawn community in Cincinnati, OH, to create pro bono marketing materials which will directly benefit the surrounding communities.

The possibilities are endless with a supplier diversity program and the benefits exceed far beyond financial success. The knowledge, growth and culture enhancement is too great to put into words!

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