BuyerQuest Integration


ConnXus and BuyerQuest have partnered up to streamline purchasing, eCommerce, accounts payable and supplier diversity processes, centralizing buyer and supplier interactions in one location.

What is BuyerQuest?

Every business, big and small, has product and service needs. For some, these needs can be solved with a quick trip to the office supply store. For others, however, resources have to come from specific suppliers that can be based locally, nationally, or even globally, increasing their importance and scarcity.

As a thriving business, you know how important it is to have quick and easy access to the services and products you need. Unfortunately, your procurement process can quickly become complicated and frustrating. You may struggle to get new buyers and suppliers to adopt your procurement solutions. Or perhaps you are unable to get your employees to consistently order from your preferred suppliers. Whatever the issue, using a simplified and streamlined method to request, approve, order, receive, and pay for your company’s resources can reduce costs, save time, optimize corporate spend, and save money. So, if you are struggling to develop an effective system or you just want a faster, more efficient ordering process, BuyerQuest is the perfect solution.

Why You Need BuyerQuest

The procurement process can affect every aspect of a company, including the relationships created between buyers and suppliers. Now you can manage your Procure-to-Pay processes in a convenient and easy-to-use location right within your ConnXus dashboard. Every business has its own needs, so BuyerQuest offers a client-branded solution that gets smarter with every interaction, knowing what you need when you need it. To best meet your business needs, this procurement solution keeps all of your supplier contracts and preferred goods and services in a personalized marketplace. With this simple ecommerce storefront interface, you can prioritize your preferred suppliers and create a simplified end-to-end procurement process.

To best meet your needs, the BuyerQuest solution has two main focuses: agility and cognitive computing.


Your procurement process should always be an asset, not a frustration, so BuyerQuest has created a flexible, responsive solution. Using an innovative design, this tool is built, scaled, and personalized to meet your specific supplier needs on any device, platform, and location. BuyerQuest allows you to streamline your ordering and approval processes, enforce world-class cyber security, and engage stakeholders with enabled spend categories and limitless integrations — all in one user-friendly solution.

Cognitive Computing

Your company is continually growing and changing, so you need a procurement solution that does the same. Using big data, behavioral analytics, and machine learning technologies, BuyerQuest transforms and expands your Enterprise Procurement team’s reach and capabilities. You can gather data about your business’ supply spend and use it to improve operations, save money, and make better procurement decisions.

BuyerQuest offers three core solutions to give you the abilities and agility you need to manage your supplier relationships: Marketplace, eProcurement, and Procure-to-Pay.


The Marketplace is a personalized ecommerce storefront that includes all of your contracted services and goods.This solution integrates with all ERP/SRM systems, offering webforms, eRFQs, and a simplified system that doesn’t disrupt your current procurement processes.


Along with the Marketplace features, eProcurement offers requisitions, purchase orders, and receiving capabilities. When using this solution, users can order and approve products within the system before returning to your ERP/SRM system to receive and process payment.


With Procure-to-Pay, you have an end-to-end solution that is fully automated and work-flow enabled. Use preconfigured rules to flip requisitions to purchase orders and purchase orders to invoices without manual interactions. This solution has every feature offered by eProcurement, along with invoicing capabilities and procurement analytic options.

We have lots of buyers in different, sometimes remote locations, all with varying degrees of technical skill and inconsistent process controls. BuyerQuest solved this problem by decentralizing spend challenges. View more cases like this. 

At ConnXus, we strive to create positive, sustainable relationships between suppliers and buyers. By partnering with BuyerQuest, we are furthering our commitment to provide our clients with the best resources to build and manage supplier relationships. With this procurement solution, you have the best opportunity to create and sustain your partnerships within the larger, national supply chain.

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