Free Yourself from Spreadsheets with SmartScrub Subscription

This Independence Day, the ConnXus team is excited to announce the launch of SmartScrub Subscription, a new service designed to free you from spreadsheets and manual supplier data validation processes once and for all. 

The Power of SmartScrub

As part of sound supplier control practices, it is often necessary to classify your suppliers. When you classify suppliers, you can save time qualifying less critical suppliers and focus more time on the handful of critical ones that have significant impact on your product quality. Or, in the case of validating supplier spend, it allows you to focus on the suppliers that fall in the diverse category you care about most. 

SmartScrub® helps you streamline and visualize this supplier data by simplifying the historically tedious data enrichment and validation process. 

Now Automated & Available On-demand

With our new SmartScrub® Subscription product, you never have to worry about whether your supplier data is up to date. There is no more fussing around with spreadsheets or manual data enrichment processes, either. 

SmartScrub® Subscription takes SmartScrub to the next level and provides a fully automated system that makes it possible to maintain accurate supplier data at all times, without the headaches. We have taken the routine, repetitive, time consuming manual tasks and simplified them with a new product you can set and forget. 

“This is going to enable the sourcing and procurement professional to focus on being more strategic and engaging the suppliers versus managing spreadsheets,” said Daryl Hammett, ConnXus COO & General Manager. 

Using the My Scrubs Widget, you can easily assign and remove suppliers from scrub reports. Once your scrub has been processed, you’ll receive a notification and system-generated email linking you to your scrub results.  

Accurate, More Visual Data — Faster

SmartScrub Subscription does more than simplify the data cleansing process: It delivers faster, more accurate results, as well.  We guarantee 98% accurate records for U.S.-based businesses returned in under 24 hours — often much faster, as the service is completely automated once users provide an uploaded template containing supplier name and valid address. 

In summary, SmartScrub: 

  • Facilitates supplier data upload via an Excel or CSV template to upload or pulls via integration from other systems of record (e.g., ERP, S2P systems)
  • Automatically delivers validated supplier records, including diversity status and industry/commodity breakdown (NAICS), for any U.S. supplier at a guaranteed accuracy rate of 98% (as long as a name and current address are given)
  • Closes the accuracy gap to 100% with an additional concierge service where ConnXus team members enrich the data outside of the platform 
  • Centralizes cleansed supplier master data for organizational access and the addition of new records for cleansing
  • Delivers in-app or exported reports on the diversity status or industry makeup of a given “scrub” or vendor master

SmartScrub reports provide several tabs that help visualize your supplier data, including: 

  • A comparison of diverse suppliers vs. non-diverse suppliers. 
  • A comparison of supplier counts for all diversity categories returned as part of your scrub. 
  • A comparison in supplier counts for all ethnicities returned as part of your scrub. 
  • A comparison in supplier counts for all commodity categories returned as part of your scrub. 

Learn More About SmartScrub Subscription

Interested in leaving your supplier data spreadsheets behind once and for all? Check out Spend Matters’ detailed product overview or request a demo to learn more.

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With the rise of the Internet and instant access to massive amounts of information, today’s best companies are rapidly learning how to harness the power of databases. Unfortunately, it’s not always easy to manage that data effectively and quickly.

We are living in the Age of Big Data. No matter what industry you’re in or where you live, you are awash in information – with more pouring in every minute from all directions. No one canblame supply-chain executives if they sometimes feel like Mickey Mouse in “The Sorcerer’s Apprentice,” trying to sweep up an ocean of water with just a mop and a bucket.

When we first launched ConnXus, procurement professionals kept telling us how hard it was to identify high-quality, diverse suppliers.On the other side of the equation, small-business owners and minority-owned businesses complained about how difficult it was to develop profitable long-term relationships with large companies.

We saw an opportunity to bring data and technology together to solve these problems. Want to know how we did it?

Data at Your Fingertips

First, we set an ambitious goal: To create a comprehensive, convenient, and cost-effective supplier diversity data solution that would meet the needs of both groups.As we delved into all the possible supplier diversity data, metrics, and tools we realized that it made sense to build one intuitive, easy-to-use ConnXus Supplier Diversity Sustainability Dashboard. ConnXus is a fairly recent, National Minority Supplier Development Council (NMSDC)-certified entrant into this field, and claim a more modern technology approach that enables a data cleanse turnaround as short as two weeks.

“The smaller firms … have managed to develop their own databases of which suppliers are certified and or not, thus overcoming the challenges facing non-diverse firms in this market.”

So there you have it – a rational response to Big Data, in the form of a streamlined, dashboard-based system that helps both sides of the supplier diversity equation get what they need.


STAY TUNED! Next time, we’ll discuss the importance of developing a corporate culture that values not only supplier diversity, but supplier inclusion.