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ConnXus Platinum Supplier Spotlight: JobSnap

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In our latest installment of ConnXus Platinum® Supplier Spotlight, we feature Jeff Boodie, Co-founder and President of JobSnap. Headquartered in Los Angeles, CA, JobSnap is a video interviewing tool optimized for mobile devices, designed to match young job seekers entering the workforce with employers based on snippets of 30-second video interviews.

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Simple Networking-Creating Opportunities!

Supplier Diversity is a Lifeline for Business Growth

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SIMPLEnetworking is a consulting firm, based in Atlanta, GA, which specializes in business networking, diversity and cultural awareness through consulting, seminars and  workshops.

I have been a business entrepreneur for over 10 years and found most of my  growth has been a direct result of supplier diversity.  Being able to partner with major companies, government agencies and institutions to offer my company products and services has completely revolutionized my business model.  Although I am a small business, I am by no means, ‘small-minded’,”explains Chi Chi Okezie, owner and producer of SIMPLEnetworking.

Chi Chi Okezie, owner and producer of SIMPLEnetworking, based in Atlanta, GA

Chi Chi Okezie, owner and producer of SIMPLEnetworking

Okezie continues, “In the past, supplier diversity would not have been considered in my marketing or business plan, and I did not truly understand its significance. As my business continues to flourish, I am able to  reach more markets and become competitive in my niche.  It has become a realization that  supplier diversity is almost the lifeline to my business and continued success.”

“Through supplier diversity, I have been able to foster strong and lasting relationships for  business and personal support.  It has enabled me unexpected opportunities and access to  resources essential for my business growth.  It has also improved the internal operations of my  company.  It allows me to expand my reach and networks both on and offline.  Using supplier diversity as a mechanism for business has inevitably established a strong company brand and  reputation of credibility,” exclaims Okezie.

“The most impact that supplier diversity has had on my business is the aspect of knowing how  important it is to represent and appreciate diversity in businesses.  Countless studies have  shown that supplier diversity positively influences increase in sales revenues, innovation,  corporate culture and community engagement for corporations.  Also, minority-owned businesses are the fastest growing segment in the U.S. economy.  It is not just the right thing to  do but a profitable thing to do,” she says.

Okezie concludes with, “The SIMPLEnetworking motto is: Creating Opportunities…The new form of success.  I believe that is supplier  diversity.  As I look forward to more successful and productive years in business, I will continue  to advocate for supplier diversity.  I will continue to build and develop a strong platform for  making diversity significant, valuable and profitable for partnerships and business growth.”