How Supplier Data Can Mitigate Risk and Improve Agility During a Crisis

With the COVID-19 pandemic disrupting global supply chains, organizations everywhere are under intense pressure to mitigate risk and maintain agility. Close supplier partnerships are central to this effort, with the quality and quantity of supplier data being an important factor in determining a supply chain’s resilience.  Read more

ConnXus SmartSearch

ConnXus: Your One-Stop Supplier Management Dashboard, Now With SmartSearch™

At ConnXus, we enable global procurement by revolutionizing the way buyers and suppliers connect. With in-house experts, industry-leading security, and intuitive software, we work hard to provide the best supplier management and procurement solutions for you. Read more

[Daryl Hammett] Mitigating Risk With Diverse Thinking

Mitigating Risk With Diverse Thinking Daryl Hammett, ConnXus General Manager and Chief Operations Officer This conference season, I’ve had the pleasure of talking and networking with many procurement professionals. One word is at the top of everyone’s mind: risk. Today’s procurement organizations are thinking more and more about risk. What areas have inherent risk? To […]

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ConnXus Launches Supplier Risk Software, Integrates Contract Management Suite

ConnXus Launches Supplier Risk Software, Integrates Contract Management Suite MASON, Ohio, April 3, 2018 /PRNewswire/ — Disruptive supplier management software provider, ConnXus, widens their procurement-enablement solutions with supplier risk and contract management technology. The delivery of on-time and quality goods and services, with minimal risk and legal infractions, is contingent upon a comprehensive supplier vetting process. Risk DeteXion™ by […]

Supplier Diversity and Sustainability: Key Building Blocks to Responsible Sourcing