Does Leadership Style Matter?

Does Leadership Style Matter? From guest writer Suzanne Weston from IW Consulting Group The demand for humble leaders is increasing because they produce results and develop successful teams. Humble leaders produce results and develop successful teams because they inspire close teamwork and rapid learning. They understand their own weaknesses, recognize the strengths of others, and focus beyond themselves. […]

Project Management for Small Businesses – A SOC II Example

Project Management for Small Businesses – A SOC II Example One of the common pitfalls many small businesses face is the lack of project management in their daily business operations. Project management is important when dealing with deadlines, juggling multiple priorities and projects, budgeting, and managing your time more effectively. We believe it’s important to […]

Managing Unconscious Bias

Managing Your Unconscious Bias From guest writer Suzanne Weston from IW Consulting Group The expression ‘Don’t judge a book by its cover’ reminds us to avoid making decisions based on outward appearance, what you see is not always what you get. If you met an older gentleman with long disheveled hair would you think Einstein or […]

Multiple proposals submitted in response to RFP as part of competitive bidding process

How Does Competitive Bidding Work?

As a small business owner you may wonder how to win business by doing business with big companies. You have heard of competitive bidding, but the process seems overwhelming and confusing. You wonder whether or not a business your size can possibly win a bid. The good news is that small businesses do win bids […]

Business partners closing deal on a new contract

How to Win Contracts with Big Companies

As a small business owner, becoming a supplier to a large company or multinational corporation can lead to dramatic, sustainable growth in your revenue stream. A recent survey of 180 small businesses by the Center for an Urban Future, NYC, revealed that “breaking into the corporate supply chain is a huge challenge for many small […]

Minority business owner working with business development team

I’m a Minority Business Owner. How Can Certification Help Grow My Business?

If you’re a minority business owner but aren’t certified as such, you may be missing out on opportunities to contract with governments and leading corporate buyers who are seeking business relationships with diverse suppliers. This blog post is meant to help you explore the benefits of minority business certification and provide concrete tips on how […]

How to Find Supplier Bid Opportunities that Support Your Strategy

Growth Opportunities for Your Newly Certified Disadvantaged Business Enterprise (DBE)