Clipper Promotes Education & Sustainability: 2017 Share Your Story Winner

Every year, ConnXus celebrates the achievements of small, diverse suppliers by hosting a story sharing contest.

We want to recognize the positive impact that diversity and inclusion have on local businesses and communities. Entries for the 2018 Share Your Story contest are currently being accepted from now until May 18th on our contest site.

We followed up with last year’s winner, Lina Hu from Clipper Corporation. Read her story on our blog here, and her 2017 winning entry here. Lina won a $2,500 cash prize and a three year subscription to ConnXus Platinum Supplier Development (a $600 value). Since then, her team has expanded business in a new apparel division and have adopted a local school in need.


We’re inspired to hear the positive impact Clipper Corporation continues to make on the local community. Read their statement below:

Clipper Corporation’s business has continued to grow in the past year. We recently announced the creation of a new division, Lone Oak Apparel.

Our founders recognized a gap in the industry; one where a company could provide an upscale tailored apparel program incorporating safe, secure resources, extensively tested and sustainably-sourced raw materials with the goal of providing our clients with complete assurance that their apparel was functional, contemporary, fashion-forward and responsibly built. Simply stated… Corporate apparel with purpose.

We believe that our worldwide reach and extensive experience help us bring our clients the best overall value. We navigate the international landscape with a focus on innovation, safety, sustainability and business methodologies that allow us to deliver the most effective solutions to our clients.

While our products provide many benefits, they must also be managed in a responsible way to minimize any adverse effects on humans and the environment. Lone Oak employees take this responsibility very seriously, working hard to ensure that Lone Oak’s products are manufactured, stored, transported, disposed and recycled in a manner that shows high regard for human health, safety and environmental stewardship.

We are committed to using the highest quality materials to deliver the best possible products to our clients. This includes making sure the raw materials used in our products are harvested and processed in line with our broader commitment to social responsibility.

We are proud to be a previous winner of the Share Your Story campaign. Being a diverse supplier and partnering with ConnXus has helped us continue to grow our business.  The proceeds from the contest were donated to the Carson Avenue Elementary School; a neighborhood school in Carson, California that Clipper Corporation has since chosen to adopt and support throughout the year. The initial proceeds provided much needed supplies for the classrooms. We will continue to fund classroom supplies through 2018 and beyond.

“Clipper will continue to support Carson Avenue Elementary throughout the year with additional funding generated through interdepartmental fundraisers. We are excited to partner with them.” said Christopher Collopy, President of Apparel Group.