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ConnXus Cares About Election Day

ConnXus is in the process of building a great company culture that highly values diversity and inclusiveness.

That has meant giving our employees, customers and partners the opportunity to do what they do better.

We believe the same for voting.  Election Day is not a national holiday in the US, making it challenging for employees, employers and those who contribute to the economy to take time to make their voices heard, regardless of party affiliation.  We are proud to announce we’re joining forces with Take Off Election Day to encourage you to take time to vote on Election Day.  This was a movement started by a group of venture capitalists and technology companies in Silicon Valley, and ConnXus is the first Ohio company to join the movement.

We are proud to announce we’ll be providing our team members the time they need to exercise their right to vote on election day 2016. The voting laws in Ohio grant every employee the right to request the same of their employers. ConnXus joins a list of more than 200 entities that have added their names to this cause – a growing group that has committed to doing what it can to allow team members the time to vote on November 8, 2016.

The ConnXus Team hopes you’ll take time to learn more about the key issues, the candidates that matter most to you, take action, participate, register to vote, and head to the polls on Election Day: November 8, 2016.

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