Learn why #ConnXusCares about the growth and development of our interns every semester, every year, from a first-hand perspective of a former marketing intern. 

By: Madison Simmons

If I could sum up the ConnXus team in one word, it would be family. The madison-welcomeculture in this cozy Mason office can’t be beat. Part of my training my week was learning and hearing from each team member so I could understand everyone’s duties, get a big picture of what ConnXus actually does, and familiarize myself with office faces. We utilize emails frequently as a way to communicate deal progress and personal accomplishments like engagements, birthdays, marathons, and trips. On Wednesdays, we’d have lunch catered for our weekly staff meeting.  I feel like every company could benefit from being a tight knit community. I’ve never felt simultaneously lax and productive at a workplace before.

And with the encouragement of my supervisors Shannon and Crystal, and COO Daryl, I felt more accomplished than I ever had in an internship. One of my proudest moments was teaching myself how to use Adobe Photoshop. I created the logo for the launch of a new membership program – ConnXus Platinum. Although graphics allowed me to express creativity, my favorite aspects of my internship were those where I could come up with big picture ideas and execute the details. Brainstorming new benefits for Platinum members, finding cool aspects to add to future events, and then expressing all of my ideas in weekly touchbase meetings were my favorite. Through my position, I definitely learned the breadth and depth of marketing and its many facets.

Also during this internship, I met some of the best leaders and mentors I’ve ever had the pleasure of working with. Crystal was one of my two supervisors. She was so welcoming and good at showing me my way around and made ConnXus feel like home. Crystal Davis is the auntie I’ve never had and that everyone needs.

Daryl Hammett is one of the best bosses I’ve had or may ever have. He always keeps it “100”. When things weren’t functioning smoothly in the office, he’d clear the air and keep moving forward, and when people did an excellent job, he made sure they felt appreciated. He brought out everyone’s strengths in the best way through encouragement, allowing people to explore their interests, and Herman Whole-brain tests. Through this and his other great leadership and human resource experience, he created a company culture centered around autonomy, trust, flexibility, effective teamwork, and productivity.

The person with the biggest impact on me was my supervisor and office-mate, Shannon Frohme. Shannon is like the big sister I never had. Not only was she inspiring with her great marketing ideas, organization, work ethic and success but was also super encouraging and taught me so much about myself and career goals. Through working with her, I finally got time management skills, feel more confident in my marketing abilities, and grew so much better at marketing through the tips she gave and the skills she showed me.

As a person, I’ve grown a ton this semester and I’ll always be grateful for this opportunity. I hope to be reunited with ConnXus in the future, but even if I don’t, they’ve prepared me for the workforce in ways not even 127 credit hours in a classroom at Miami University o r my three previous internships could’ve done alone.