What is the ConnXus Enterprise Dashboard?

Screenshot of the ConnXus Enterprise Dashboard, a solution that allows you to analyze and manage each of your Registration Portals in one, user friendly location

Managing your suppliers and forming new procurement relationships is one of the most important, yet time-consuming, aspects of your daily operations. To meet your procurement goals, you need to find and connect with the suppliers you need in a timely manner. Unfortunately, locating the companies you need can be difficult and frustrating, requiring more time than you can give. When you have hundreds of supplier across several registration portals, locating a supplier based on their diversity or other business characteristics can be nearly impossible, limiting the success of your business-supplier relationships.

With the ConnXus Enterprise Dashboard, you can analyze and manage each of your suppliers in one, user-friendly location. Rather than wasting your time on a vendor management system that works against you, you can create a dashboard that streamlines your procurement process and makes finding the right supplier easy.

Why You Need The Enterprise Dashboard

With ConnXus’ Enterprise Dashboard, you can use and configure each of your supplier registration portals in one location. This means the suppliers for each of your sub-brands, departments, and divisions are accessible through your Enterprise Dashboard. With this feature, you can view your congregated portal data as soon as you log in, allowing you to find the information you need both quickly and easily.

ConnXus’ Enterprise Dashboard is responsive and mobile-ready, giving you access to the data you need, when you need it. Each registration portal is configurable, so you can sort your suppliers by the characteristics you need most. See the number of suppliers and diverse suppliers within each portal, their locations, certification statuses, and any expiring certification statuses.

Once you have access to your Enterprise Dashboard, you can configure it to reflect your company’s style guide and specific needs. Set custom field requirements for each individual registration portal. Create different levels of permissions for user engagement to allow others in your organization to access your supplier information. Use the high-level, granular data analytics to better understand your company’s supply needs and improve your procurement processes.

With your customized settings, Enterprise Dashboard offers an additional layer of security and accountability over the unique registration portal requirements for each of your departments and brands. By congregating your supplier data in a single, easy-to-use tool that works with you, you can save time, uphold your registration portal goals, and have confidence in your procurement team and processes.

To experience ConnXus’ Enterprise Dashboard for yourself, request a live demo at sales@connxus.com.

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