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With in-house experts, industry-leading security, and intuitive applications, we work hard to provide the best supplier management and procurement solutions for our clients. We’re repositioning SRM and developing new tools every day to better manage your suppliers and strategic sourcing process.

Today, we’re excited to announce the launch of our new product, Financial Storage Warehouse. We developed this solution by listening to our clients, filling the gaps in SRM as a part of our ongoing efforts to help buyers and supplier mitigate risk. Financial Storage Warehouse allows you to securely collect supplier banking information and integrates with your existing ConnXus portal.

“As the need for secure profiles and supplier vetting grows, we enable buyers to validate supplier financial data while expediting the orboarding and payment process,” says Daryl Hammett, COO & GM of ConnXus.

With Financial Storage Warehouse, you can easily and securely collect supplier financial information such as account and routing numbers. All data is transmitted securely, with leading encryption technology monitored by a 24/7 security system regularly audited by third-party experts.

ConnXus will not share or display financial data on any company profiles, nor will any payments be processed using this information. Portal owners must make a request to their ConnXus

Account Manager to access financial data, which will be provided in the form of an encrypted file, along with the key needed to decrypt it.

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