ConnXus Platinum Member Spotlight: Clay Health Network

Renewing lives and reunifying families

In our latest installment of our ConnXus Platinum® Member Spotlight series, we are featuring Alvez Clay, founder, President, and CEO of Clay Health Network (CHN). CHN is a health services company focused on personalized medicine and non-invasive cancer testing headquartered in Cincinnati, Ohio.

Prior to launching CHN in 2016, Alvez held several leadership positions with the FedEx Corporation and Avis Budget Group. He was inspired to begin CHN because he wanted to provide high-quality, cost efficient health care solutions to the community. With over 17 years of operations and sales experience, delivering consistent results and reliable revenue growth, Alvez’s background has prepared him to lead the company successfully into the future.

“At Clay Health Network, we believe that a world connected to high quality healthcare, is a better world. In that environment, innovation soars and helps to energize the marketplace. The strength of our network will continue to help us grow and to make the communities in which we serve, a better place.”

CHN aspires to provide high quality healthcare through the development of optimal drug treatment plans with minimal adverse effects by predicting how patients will respond to drug therapy based on their individual genetic makeup. Differences between individuals can affect drug absorption, metabolism, or activity. Therefore, while some treatment plans may work for one individual, the same regimen may cause adverse effects for others.

CHN helps healthcare providers and partners determine the best medication and treatment methods at the right time for their patients – offering a multitude of personalized treatment possibilities across various therapeutic areas through genetic analysis and reporting.

Breaking into the industry

Three years prior to founding the company, Alvez spent his time researching the biomedical healthcare industry and its competitors, gaining a strong understanding of the industry’s future growth potential along the way. With nearly two decades of experience with Fortune 500 companies, Alvez knows his strengths and opportunities as a leader. With the help of his colleagues and mentors, he built the skills he needed to start his own business and develop a team that was passionate about providing quality healthcare solutions to our community.

Though getting certified as a Minority Business Enterprise (MBE) provides positive exposure and networking opportunities, Alvez believes that all business owners must set themselves apart from the status quo to succeed regardless of certification status.

MBE’s must do their part to bring additional value, by providing something more.  We must work to solve the problems that our clients are having, by being creative. With this approach, you will begin to create solutions that build strong partnerships with your clients.

CHN is currently beginning their first request for proposal (RFP) this fall, and Alvez credits his MBE certification connections as a large influence. These connections helped  introduce his business to diverse supplier purchasing organizations. For Alvez, one of the most challenging aspects of starting a new business is “dealing with the unknown.”

He also shared with us his team’s strategy and offered some advice to new entrepreneurs:

“We must keep moving forward no matter what until someone says, ‘yes’ and continue to build momentum from that point forward. When challenges occur, it is important to stay positive, focus on your plan, and be aggressive. This period can be a real struggle, however know that this is building character strength in you and your team as leaders.”

In addition to beginning his first RFP, Alvez has also had the opportunity to network with small, medium, and large organizations and connect with other MBEs, since founding Clay Health Network last year.
Personalized treatment plans for your genetic blueprint

The overall incidence of adverse effects in the United States patient population is estimated to be 6.7%  and costs an estimated $100 billion every year. Clay Health Network employs state-of-the-art sequencing technology, allowing for rapid screening of multiple genes in parallel in their CLIA-Certified and CAP-Accredited laboratory to promote optimal treatment plans that minimize adverse drug effects.

CHN’s PGxOne™ Plus analysis comprehensively screens 50 genes in a single, cost-effective test that offers medically-actionable and clinically-relevant data that allow physicians to make effective treatment decisions. The result is treatment overview of various medications spanning 14 specialty areas based on a patient’s genetic makeup. The PGxOne™ Plus test provides physicians with patient-specific information regarding dosage, metabolism, and absorption of medications, as well as reporting possible adverse drug interactions.

CHN also boasts the extensive, state-of-the-art Next Generation Sequencing (NGS) based oncology testing. The OncoGxOne™ test profiles tumors for targeted therapy selection, and the OncoGxSelect™ test analyzes chemotherapeutic tolerance and along with screening tumors for genetic mutations frequently found in select cancers.

All results are delivered in an easy to interpret report, allowing physicians to provide personalized healthcare to their patients, based on their unique and specific needs. These tests (which recently won the Frost and Sullivan Innovation Award) follow all FDA guidelines, using data curated by Stanford University’s PharmGKB and are covered by Medicare, Medicaid, and private insurance.

ConnXus Connection

Alvez discovered ConnXus after researching new tech companies in the Greater Cincinnati area. Since joining the our platform, he has had the opportunity to network with buying organizations and other MBEs as well as gain access to capital.

ConnXus is a highly valuable resource that all MBEs should take advantage of, if they’re looking to build a network to help advance their business.”

As a ConnXus Platinum member, Alvez received priority invitation to our inaugural sourcing event held last month, where he had the opportunity to network and connect with corporate buyers and other diverse suppliers.

“The Inaugural Sourcing Event was by far one of the best networking events of the year. It was well organized and the ConnXus team displayed professionalism, and was there to introduce me to other organizations whom I had synergies with.”

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Alvez Clay is a prime example of the new wave of entrepreneurial talent in Cincinnati.  As Clay Health Network focuses on providing quality products, excellent service, and superior results, they anticipate their competitive advantages within the market to propel them to success. Through their network and innovation, CHN continues to create helpful solutions by recognizing the problems within the community and world around us. For new MBE entrepreneurs aiming to follow in Alvez’s footsteps, he leaves us with this:

“Network, network, network. Have genuine conversations with other MBEs to find opportunities for each other’s organizations. Study the industry’s current and future trends, truly understand your strengths and where you fall short. Never be afraid to ask for help, because we all had to start somewhere.”