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ConnXus Platinum Supplier Spotlight: JobSnap

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In our latest installment of ConnXus Platinum® Supplier Spotlight, we feature Jeff Boodie, Co-founder and President of JobSnap. Headquartered in Los Angeles, CA, JobSnap is a video interviewing tool optimized for mobile devices, designed to match young job seekers entering the workforce with employers based on snippets of 30-second video interviews.

Filling a Gap in the Market

As an experienced recruiter, Jeff was frustrated by the traditional recruitment process, which required significant time and energy to vet candidates. Instead of using referrals or job posting sites and combing through paper resumes, Jeff believed there was a better way to recruit employees. He previously worked at InternSushi, an online recruitment platform connecting college students with internship opportunities. This experience gave him valuable insight into the way companies find and hire talent. In the past few years, companies have had trouble breaking into a younger audience, and have been interested in going mobile.

Jeff knew what companies were looking and what they were willing to try. Having recognized a gap in the market, he positioned JobSnap as an easy-to-implement recruitment tool that saves companies resources while also appealing to Generation Z. His platform allows companies to quickly assess a candidate’s fit outside of experience, such as personality or company culture fit. Beyond optimizing the recruitment process, Jeff wants to help the new hires they place. “Our mission is to make an impact on underserved youth,” he said. Growing up in the South Bronx, Jeff found it difficult to land a job as a first-time job seeker at age 16 with no previous work experience or networking skills.

“Millions aren’t given the right chance,” he said. “We want to make a difference by helping them tell their stories”.

Jeff believes JobSnap will continue to be a software-as-a-service (SaaS) tool, and play an increasingly important role as a video recruitment touchpoint. JobSnap is currently prevalent in the restaurant and retail industry, with plans to expand into modeling and acting this year, and a vision to transcend across industries all together.

The ConnXus Connection

Jeff discovered ConnXus while seeking mentorship with our CEO & Co-founder Rod Robinson. Since joining our platform, Jeff has found value in our business development and coaching opportunities. “I’m thankful [ConnXus] is looking out for small businesses,” he said. “Rod has been open and honest about what it takes to run a business, the sacrifices you have to make.” Having certified his startup as a Minority Business Enterprise (MBE) as well as a LGBT Business Enterprise (LGBTBE), Jeff has increased his company’s exposure and networking opportunities. He has learned to take advantage of business development in an environment that promotes inclusivity. For more information about ConnXus Platinum® benefits, including supplier development opportunities, click here.

Leading the Way

Jeff is a strong example of success driven by unwavering commitment. He has embraced his identity as a small business owner. “Being a black American, and gay, I’ve struggled to consolidate who I am with the business I run,” he said.

“I can’t hide my color, but I can hide my sexuality. Ultimately I want to seek authentic and genuine connections that aren’t swayed by either.”

Jeff hopes that his position will encourage others to pursue their own business ventures. “There aren’t enough of us, especially in tech,” he said. “I want to see people breaking the [glass] ceiling, running companies.” For now, Jeff continues to inspire others with his work at JobSnap.

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