Supplier Spotlight DecisionOne

The Nation’s Largest IT Support Group

In our latest ConnXus Platinum® Supplier Spotlight, we feature Tom York, President of DecisionOne. Headquartered in Wayne, Pennsylvania, DecisionOne is one of the largest global third party IT support organizations, and the largest MBE in this market, with sales over $200M and over 50 years of experience delivering IT solutions across industries such as retail, healthcare, transportation, and financial services. DecisionOne Corporation operates as a TPM (Third Party Maintainer), supporting all components of technology lifecycle; installation, maintenance support, upgrade, refresh, and  IT asset disposition (ITAD) services.

As President of DecisionOne, Tom York brings decades of world-class experience from IBM, where he began his corporate career as an engineer and finished as a senior executive. He worked with various private equity companies before joining DecisionOne in late 2016. That same year, DecisionOne became a certified MBE (Minority-Owned Business).

Inclusion Fosters Competitive Advantage

Tom states that DecisionOne is beginning to understand how to take full advantage of their MBE resources and implement diversity initiatives internally and externally. The company has begun to pick out internal diversity champions and analyze their supply chain practice, while advocating for sustainable sourcing partners.

Tom understands the importance of inclusion and investment. In an industry where outsourcing and subcontracting is common business practice, DecisionOne stands out, with more full-time engineers on staff across the US and globally than any other TPM. DecisionOne invests substantial resources in their engineers beyond technical training, including areas of personal development and communication. Tom states that this structured approach provides a lot of value to clients, as services become more predictable, controlled, and reliable. DecisionOne empowers their employees with technical and interpersonal skills to be adaptive and collaborative onsite.

A Booming Business Model

Tom notes that the business has turned into a larger business of using data and analytics in support of technology. The company aims to help customers from a process standpoint and provide solutions that not only solve problems as they occur, but are predictive and preventative as well. DecisionOne has a Technology Center in Columbus, OH where products are staged, configured, and prepared to be deployed. Products can be also be upgraded and repaired. And IT asset disposition services (ITAD) are provided, covering all pieces of the lifecycle, delivering a valuable end-to-end solution for customers.

DecisionOne’s key industries are transportation, financial services, retail, and manufacturing. This year, the company hopes to expand their global footprint and tackle the different challenges clients face across industries. Tom believes the key to innovation and growth is creating a customer-centric experience through simplification, integration, and automation. Tom is also aware of the important role inclusion plays in the company’s growth trajectory and business plans.

“In the people business, I’ve been a champion of diversity for a long time, and I try to make sure people are given the proper opportunities regardless of culture or ethnicity.”

In the market of IT services, DecisionOne is the largest participating MBE. “We’re happy to have that opportunity in the responsible sourcing market,” Tom said. “We want to be a leader in diversity for our industry.”