How ConnXus’ #WeLead Attitude is Changing the Game

There is no simple fix for the state of today’s tech culture.

The industry’s issues with sexism, workplace misconduct, disproportional representation, and organizational inefficiency have compromised the success and sustainability of tech companies worldwide. Here at ConnXus we have set out to reshape today’s image of the tech industry through our #WeLead attitude, deconstructing the culture that has shaped the industry for years. To understand how ConnXus is building a new culture of inclusion, efficiency, and respect we will examine each of our company values that we have upheld since our beginnings in 2010. In this blog, we will present a brief introduction of each of our values and explain how they work in tandem with our goals.

Taking the lead in Cincinnati: The Midwest’s Up and Coming Tech Capital

Cincinnati has been the home of numerous Fortune 500 companies for decades, but in recent years has become the epicenter of a growing community of startups and venture capitalists set to make the Queen City the nation’s newest tech capital. As Cincinnati establishes itself as a new hub for the tech industry, ConnXus sets our self apart by innovating the supplier management and diversity space.

Breaking the Glass Ceiling

Sexism and harassment have permeated through tech culture — numerous CEOs and other high-ranking professional have resigned from their positions due to their contributions and/or complacency in creating an unsafe work environment for female employees. For years, women have dealt with wage gaps, harassment, and discrimination in the tech industry, and as a result leave the industry at a 45% higher rate than men, according to Forbes. We aim to be the exception to these trends by creating an environment in which women can thrive and succeed alongside their male peers.


Creating an Inclusive Work Environment

Though Black and Latinx employees make up just five percent of the tech industry workforce. According to a recent survey of employees in the tech industry by Atlassian, “nearly 95% of those surveyed gave the industry, their companies, and their teams a passing grade”. As a minority-owned business (MBE) which provides supplier diversity solutions, we have made it our mission to present equal employment opportunities to underrepresented individuals.

#WeLead in the Workplace

Through effective communication and a relaxed organizational structure, we have established a system that promotes interorganizational trust and efficiency. Each employee has the necessary tools and resources at their disposal in order to succeed on their own while simultaneously working with the rest of the team towards a common goal. Whether we are interacting with our clients or with one another in the workplace, we treat each individual with the respect, attention, and expediency they deserve.

Building a New Tomorrow that Starts Today

Our journey from tech startup to full-fledged provider of supplier management and diversity solutions is due in no small part to the #WeLead culture that we have cultivated here at ConnXus. In the coming weeks, we’ll take a more in depth look at the company values that have led to our successes. In the meantime, learn more about ConnXus’ mission and platform by visiting our About Us page here.