ConnXus: Your One-Stop Supplier Management Dashboard, Now With SmartSearch™

At ConnXus, we enable global procurement by revolutionizing the way buyers and suppliers connect. With in-house experts, industry-leading security, and intuitive software, we work hard to provide the best supplier management and procurement solutions for you.

What’s new on your ConnXus Supplier Management Dashboard?

SmartSearch™ Overview

SmartSearch™ enables Business Intelligence sourcing across our entire application (domestic and global companies).  The new design promotes an intuitive, user-friendly experience, with enhanced features.

Two filtering methods for performing searches:

  1. Company Name Search – Uses legal company name or dba (doing business as) name
  2. Advanced Filters – Searches based on characteristics of companies, such as commodity category, diversity classification(s), and certification(s)

A special weighting factor has been added to suppliers that are registered with both the ConnXus myCBC and Certified, Verified, or Platinum Programs. These companies will appear at the top of the search results as an added benefit for their participation in these programs.

Watch the video below to see SmartSearch™ in action.

Trial Offer: Try SmartSearch Free for 45 Days

For a limited time, existing customers can try SmartSearch free for 45 days. Simply log-in and click “Go to SmartSearch” from the ConnXus Dashboard to get started.

For new customers interested in our One-stop Supplier Management Dashboard and SmartSearch functionality, click here for a free demo.

What is included in the Connxus Supplier Management Dashboard today?

We help companies of all sizes and diversity status prepare for the right buyers. myConnXion® Business Center (myCBC) is our hub for supplier development. With our network of affiliates and a robust knowledge base, we can help your suppliers improve your branding, project management capabilities, financial know-how, and more. Our in-person events & online webinars provide great opportunities for networking and development.

Suppliers often miss opportunities connecting to the right buyers. To fill the gap in the market, we offer myConnXion, a secure digital supply chain ecosystem. With a click of a button, suppliers can connect with buyers at anytime, anywhere in the world. Our real-time profiles mobilize your supply chain, making it easier than ever to connect with businesses.

Our expertise in diverse suppliers has also helped us launch separate Verification & Certification programs. ConnXus Verified™ is a free reciprocity program that verifies a supplier’s existing diversity certification, saving buyers time and money. ConnXus Certified™ is a standalone in-house credentialing program with a more comprehensive application process. Diverse suppliers are asked to provide a few key documents so ConnXus can issue an official diversity certification. We work hard to vet diverse suppliers so your team can focus on value-add tasks.

The Financial Storage Warehouse fills the gaps in SRM as a part of our ongoing efforts to help buyers and suppliers mitigate risk. Financial Storage Warehouse allows you to securely collect supplier banking information and integrates with your existing ConnXus portal. With Financial Storage Warehouse, you can easily and securely collect supplier financial information such as account and routing numbers. All data is transmitted securely, with leading encryption technology monitored by a 24/7 security system regularly audited by third-party experts.

Additional Supplier Management and Sourcing to that can be added to your ConnXus Dashboard From Beginning to End.

We’ve created robust digital tools to boost your supply chain. ConnXsmart matchmaking connects diverse suppliers to the right buyers. Suppliers can participate in our sourcing events in-person & online, joining our database of vetted diverse suppliers. eSourcing is easier than ever before with a one-of-a-kind marketplace for all your organization’s supplier diversity needs. Our platform includes pre-vetted, diverse suppliers with a wide variety of ways to filter through suppliers. We provide a flexible and responsive solution that allows buyers to source, compare, and purchase products from diverse suppliers to create an inclusive supply chain.

Our Supplier Relationship Management (SRM) technology allows you to process your relational supplier data quickly and effectively, combining diverse and non-diverse suppliers in a secure, one-stop repository. We offer a suite of products tailored to fit all budgets and teams, including custom registration portals, multi-tier spend tracking, and economic spend impact reporting.

Mitigating Risk in Procurement

Buyers across the world have become more attuned to mitigating supplier risks. How do your suppliers stack against the competition? You can add our Risk DeteXion product which allows organizations to quickly and thoroughly vet potential business partners, saving time and money. You can perform deep background checks on companies and verify their litigation history, parent-subsidiary structure, financial health and merger/acquisition activity. For suppliers, we offer Risk Scorecard, a high-level supplier financial risk assessment that benchmarks a supplier’s risk score against the industry standard.

We are SRM made simple. We empower global supply chains, fostering collaborative buyer-supplier partnerships. We’re committed to delivering exceptional value and service to our clients every day. Everything supplier-related, all right here with us.

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