Disaster Recovery Procurement Opportunities

The American Red Cross

The American Red Cross is looking for 50k-100k square feet of warehouse space with 10-18 loading docks, parking lot/staging area for 20 trailers.  Preferred locations in Houston area:

Northwest Houston

Around Katy, TX area

Around Houston area in proximity to Humble, TX

Spring, TX

Rosenberg/Richmond, TX

**Warehouse in space in Corpus Christi (100,000 sq. ft.)

All locations must be accessible to major highways, airports and rail centers when possible.  24 hour, 7 days a week accessibility for rapid activation and movement of supplies. 10-18 conventional loading docks which can be used by up to 52 foot trailers.  Restrooms and the availability of water on site.  Electrical and telephone services on site, a place for charging forklift batteries with electric supply 240V (or adequate electrical supply), adequate lighting, and fire safety equipment. Available parking for: At least enough for 20 tractor trailers 48 foot and 52 foot with staging area and at least ten passenger cars/vans.  Concrete floor capable of supporting a forklift.

Will consider multiple warehouses.  Please contact procurement@hmsdc.org

Opportunity URL: https://mysuppliernetwork.com/opportunity/42736

Texas – County Clean-up Opportunities

Texas Parks and Wildlife Department (TPWD) is looking for vendors to assist with hazardous removal, demolition services, hazard tree removal, debris cleanup, sewage and/or sledge removal at some of the water treatment plants.

We expect the clean-up process to take weeks or even months, beginning with the most damaged areas.  Most of the hotels in these areas are probably occupied and/or damaged, therefore vendors would need to think of shelter when not working.

If you are interested, please respond by emailing Cassandra Johnson, CTPM

HUB Program Specialist | Texas Parks & Wildlife Department


Opportunity URL: https://mysuppliernetwork.com/opportunity/42785

Turner Construction

Turner Construction is looking for qualified MBEs in the areas of flooring, carpeting, demolition and drywall and MEP services.  Any qualified firms, please send your company info to procurement@hmsdc.org

City of Houston Bid Opportunities


Opportunity URL: https://mysuppliernetwork.com/opportunity/42794