A new marketplace for your supplier diversity business needs

ConnXus Diverse Marketplace is a first of its kind e-commerce solution that helps connect buyers and diverse suppliers.

There are numerous opportunities to develop competitive advantages when buyers and suppliers collaborate. Diverse suppliers are innovative, flexible, and provide better business value.

However, buyers may have challenges finding and vetting diverse suppliers that fit their business needs. And suppliers may not have the time or money to respond to rigorous RFP processes. Often the timing of business opportunities does not match well with the quality and availability of information.

ConnXus has solved this problem through Diverse Marketplace, a one of a kind marketplace for your supplier diversity business needs.

Why Diverse Marketplace?

Enhance Your Supply Chain

The Diverse Marketplace platform includes pre-vetted, diverse suppliers with a wide variety of filterable products and services.

Simplify Strategic Sourcing

Diverse Marketplace allows buyers to source, compare, and purchase products from diverse suppliers to create an inclusive supply chain.

Increase Diverse Spend

Our e-commerce storefront makes it easier to achieve your diverse spend goals by connecting you directly with certified Tier 1 suppliers.

Integrate ERP & SRM Systems

The software can integrate with your organization’s current ERP and SRM systems, fitting right into your existing procurement processes.

Benefits to Suppliers

  • Showcase your best products/commodities to Fortune 500 companies

  • Streamline the purchasing process through a turnkey e-commerce storefront

  • Simplify e-commerce catalog creation and maintenance

  • Onboard with support from the ConnXus team

ConnXus Diverse Marketplace E-Commerce Storefront

Benefits to Buyers

  • Supplement your supply chain with more diverse suppliers

  • Adopt a user-friendly, industry recognized procurement platform & merge existing purchasing processes

  • Increase cost savings with consolidated supplier catalogs

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