Facilitate Bids and Supply Chain Relationships with ConnXus

Suppliers must reach out to buyers to express interest in bid opportunities. There are many ways suppliers can search for bid opportunities, but a healthy cash flow demands efficiency, and business growth demands strategy.  The ConnXus platform is an active digital network that brings suppliers and buyers together for bid opportunities while providing advanced filtering capabilities and reduced downtime.

Qualified buyers have systems in place to identify suppliers for bid opportunities, and ConnXus, together with its partner, SAP Ariba, is a part of a supply chain management system for Fortune 2000 companies. Regardless of how many companies are on a network or how great each company is, supplier bids should be focused.

Bid on a Buyer-Seller Relationship

When evaluating bids from suppliers, most buyers don’t limit a supplier analysis to quantity, quality, and cost. Buyers search for suppliers that mesh with the company mission, market, branding, competitive advantage, risk, opportunity, and the potential of a long-term relationship.  With digital procurement and artificial intelligence driving change within industries, buyers will be further defining and refine supply chain procedures and relationships.

Suppliers should have the same dedication when seeking outbid opportunities from buyers. Suppliers need to evaluate quantity, quality, price, strategic complements, and adaptability to industry changes. With dual accountability from buyers and sellers, long-term relationships between buyers and suppliers can have a mutually beneficial financial impact on business performance.

Register with ConnXus

To bid on a profitable relationship with a buyer, a supplier needs more than just a listing of company names, locations, and project types.  A comprehensive portal gives buyers and suppliers the tools to connect, filter, report and refine while keeping mutually beneficial business sustainability in mind.  The ConnXus platform is a comprehensive network structured to promote supplier diversity and sustainable buyer-supplier relationships.  Suppliers can register for free with ConnXus and have access to Fortune 2000 business opportunities.

Find Supplier Bid Opportunities that Matter

Supplier diversity is a global and competitive advantage, and thoughtful Fortune 500 companies buy accordingly. Wouldn’t you rather work with a company concerned about diversity?

Supply chain management directives often require procurement agents to adhere to a ratio of accepting minority and disadvantaged supplier bids to all bids.  Suppliers registering with ConnXus have the opportunity to upload certifications for disadvantaged business enterprises. This includes, but is not limited to, businesses that are minority-owned, woman-owned, disability-owned, LGBT-owned and veteran-owned business certification. Buyers can filter suppliers to include only those within a certain diversity certification classification and send out bids accordingly.

Your certification is your advantage. ConnXus has a list of 1.8 million diverse certification classes, facilitating precise mission-driven bid opportunities. If your business does not have certification, ConnXus has resources to guide you through the certification process for diverse businesses.

Reduce Downtime with Relevant Bid Notifications from ConnXus

Why search for bids when you can begin your day with ConnXus bid notifications?  When you register as a supplier with ConnXus, your company is integrated into a system that houses information on millions of buyers looking for suppliers. As a registered user, you’ll have access to a company dashboard that alerts you of available bid opportunities. Through technology, ConnXus matches posted bid opportunities with suppliers based on NAICS codes, diversity categories, and other categories to make sure it’s a match. Suppliers receive an email if they have matched bid opportunities. This saves time and resources for suppliers to focus on what matters most. As a Platinum supplier, you have the opportunity for high-value bids and selecting bidding events. You can also increase your chances of receiving bids from Fortune 500 companies as a Platinum supplier of ConnXus, by promoting your Risk Scorecard™ and showcasing your company’s financial stability. You will also have the opportunity to enter supply chain portals that are specific to your strategic growth plans, have personal coaching opportunities, and receive financial reports.

With ConnXus, your business won’t have time for downtime, ConnXus continuously builds opportunities for growth. The bidding opportunities available now won’t wait.  Support your strategy for growth, and register with ConnXus today.