Global Supply Chain Management, Simplified

ConnXus is simplifying global supply chain management. International products including  diverse and/or non-diverse spend tracking, Registration Portals and Enterprise Dashboards allow clients to summarize data across multiple Registration Portals on one easy-to-view dashboard. International products are currently used in eight different countries including China, India, and the United States.

Localized Supplier Registration Portals

Manage your international supply chain with fully localized supplier registration portals from ConnXus. Our multilingual supplier management portals allow global businesses to engage and enroll suppliers in their native language, streamlining communication and reporting without the need for separate solutions. With a fully localized vendor registration portal, you can ensure none of your supplier data is lost in translation. 


ConnXus’ localized supplier registration portals allow you to enroll and engage international suppliers.

BuyerQuest Procure-to-Pay Integration

BuyerQuest logo stacked, representing the ConnXus - BuyerQuest integration and strategic partnership

ConnXus and BuyerQuest joined forces to streamline purchasing, eCommerce, accounts payable, supplier diversity and all things P2P, centralizing buyer and supplier interactions in once location like never before.

Current and new ConnXus clients have access to nationwide and international supplier procure-to-pay and marketplace solutions, providing a seamless user experience for all users and suppliers.

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