How to Stay Motivated When Business is Crazy

We’ve been there — the phone is ringing off the hook with back-to-back meetings, deadlines are seemingly endless and your to-do list is more likely to resemble your college thesis paper than your agenda for the week.

The good news?

Because we’ve been there, we have this kind of stress on-lock and have solidified some tried and true ways you can stay motivated during the most hectic of times.

Let’s dive in.

  1. Eat The Frog

If you’ve never heard of the “Eat the Frog” method, the answer is no, we’re not asking you to down some slimy green amphibians. Instead, we’re encouraging you to choose your “must do” for the day — the project that leaves you dreading its existence — and tackle it first thing.

Made famous by business bigwig, Brian Tracy, he insists that this is the secret to keeping productivity high and people successful. After all, if you’re going to work up to being the top company in your industry, you have to tackle it step-by-step, project by project. If you can’t be laser focused on one of those steps, how can you expect yourself to juggle 5, 10, 30?

Our recommendation? Blend yourself a Bulletproof Coffee (famous for making brain fog disappear + performance increase) and get to work. May the frog be with you.

2. Time Block It Out

According to a recent article by Fast Company, time blocking could replace your to-do list and in our experience, they might not be too far off from that substantial claim.

To make it brief: Time blocking is taking your agenda and creating dedicated time slots to each of your tasks. For instance, your meeting won’t run past 11, you must use the time from 3-4 to clear your inbox and make that HIIT class you keep intending to from 6-7.

We’ve found that when utilizing the time blocking approach, we feel more motivated to accomplish the things we jot down into our planner and cross them off in bold black ink. Our personal advice? Get yourself a Miracle TimeCube Timer to set an alarm that will go off when your allotted time is up — it will keep you from that “I’m just going to check Facebook quick” urge.

3. Get Outside

It’s no secret that getting some good old fashioned Vitamin D can widely benefit your productivity. In fact, in a recent study from the California Energy Commision, it was found that 6-12% of call center employees work better when they have a view of greenery.

Prop your desk up close to a window, take phone meetings walking around your favorite local park and eat that Thai bowl you just picked-up on that bench you never see being taken advantage of outside your coworking space. When you get back into the office prepare to feel invincible! And maybe even a little less agitated.

4. Zenify Your Office

Okay, we’re not saying you have to carve out a space for a meditation cushion and a koi pond, but doing little things to make your workspace a more enjoyable atmosphere can payoff big. Start with diffusing motivating or calming essential oils (depending on what you feel called to that day), choose a Spotify playlist that makes you feel your most motivated self (may we suggest “Deep Focus?”) and incorporate some green houseplants. Don’t exactly consider yourself to have a green thumb? Here are some options that are tough as nails.

5. Activate a Shutdown Time

With a long task list, it’s often tempting to work until it’s done but that usually leads to one thing: Burnout.

Set an alarm (make it a favorite song of yours!) that will alert you when you’re done for the day and resist the urge to do just “one more thing.” Close your laptop, pack up your briefcase + head home to dinner with the family, happy hour with some friends or the gym; whatever tickles your fancy. Come back feeling rejuvenated and ready for the day ahead — with an end in sight.

We want to know: What do you do to stay motivated in business? Let us know in the comments!

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