Introducing myCBC: Boost Your Business Today!

myConnXion® Business Center

In today’s world, it can become increasingly difficult to differentiate yourself from the competition. Buyers and suppliers are always looking for more cost-effective and efficient ways to improve their business services. With myCBC (myConnXion® Business Center), buyers and suppliers have a single location where they can connect with each other and form mutually beneficial relationships.

On the buyer side, myCBC provides an easy way to streamline and reduce supplier costs, enhance productivity and improve  the reliability and quality of your product. These factors not only lead to better costs, they also create more transparent and trust-based partnerships that will improve Supplier Relationship Management (SRM) programs, which leads to greater customer satisfaction. The resources provided through myCBC will save you time and money, by far the two most valuable commodities in the business world.

For suppliers, myCBC allows you to more easily connect with the right buyers to grow and develop your business. myCBC resources can be used to improve your branding, marketing, project and risk management capabilities, and many other business-building skills. Suppliers also have the opportunity to become ConnXus Verified™, and connect with procurement professionals within our community. In order to register for myCBC, simply complete your myConnXion® profile here.

myCBC is our latest in a long line of developments that make procurement and SRM more simple, convenient and cost-effective. We are committed to improving supplier performance and strategic relationships throughout the procurement industry. There is really no good reason NOT to sign up.