Announcing myConnXion: Revolutionizing How Buyers and Suppliers Connect


We are thrilled to announce the upcoming launch of myConnXion, the newest innovation from ConnXus that will revolutionize how buyers and suppliers connect. The new platform will roll out to users on August 29, 2018.

What is myConnXion?

We developed myConnXion® to solve a problem plaguing the procurement industry: buyers and suppliers missing valuable connections due to data inconsistencies, RFP complexities, conference costs, and the lack of centralized business information.

myConnXion® empowers suppliers to create and maintain secure profiles in one place and gives buyers the ability to reach out anytime, from anywhere in the world. It’s that simple.

With the ability to create their company profile in one place and share it with any buyer in the world, myConnXion® gives suppliers more time to innovate and grow their business. Buyers benefit from superior supplier information, a better import system, and faster conference registration that streamlines the process of tracking and vetting new contacts.

Benefits for Suppliers

Simple profile creation, sharing, and tracking

  • Complete your company profile once and share it with any buyer in the world
  • Easily track who you’ve sent your profile to
  • Control what information is public and private, so you can decide what to share with buyers

Benefits for Buyers

Superior data accuracy

  • Accurate, up-to-date supplier information at buyers’ fingertips—no need to call suppliers to verify that certifications are current or validate that suppliers are diverse
  • More thoroughly vet suppliers and reduce risk through easy access to rich data such as supplier diversity, financials, references, and certifications

Quick conference registration

  • Quickly collect supplier information via an app (for both iOS and Android) on your smartphone or tablet at conferences—no more business cards to sort through and key in later invite suppliers to complete their registration in your portal after the conference, so you can grow your pool of potential suppliers

A Foundation for Future Innovation

In addition to these exciting features and benefits, myConnXion® is the foundation for future planned ConnXus innovations—including functionality to simplify the RFP process and manage sourcing opportunities.

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