Coming August 29, 2018!

WHAT IS myConnXion?

myConnXion empowers suppliers to create and maintain secure profiles in one place and gives buyers the ability to reach out anytime, from anywhere in the world. It’s that simple.

We developed myConnXion to solve a problem plaguing the procurement industry: Buyers and suppliers missing valuable connections due to data inconsistencies, RFP complexities, conference costs, and the lack of centralized business information.

With the ability to create their company profile in one place and share it with any buyer in the world, myConnXion gives suppliers more time to innovate and grow their business. Buyers benefit from superior supplier information, a better import system, and faster conference registration that streamlines the process of tracking and vetting new contacts.

myConnXion Key Features

Create a Central Company Profile

Create a single profile and share with buyers all over the world. Suppliers reach more buyers and buyers save time using a single, accurate data source. 

Share & Unlock Valuable Data

Suppliers can choose which information is shared and which information remains private. Buyers can browse supplier references, certifications, and financials.

Establish & Vet Global Connections

No need to wait for conferences or be constrained by travel budgets in order to make connections. Suppliers can send their profiles to relevant buyers. Buyers can vet buyers online at scale instead of individually. 

Guided Help on Routine Tasks

Both buyers and suppliers can save time and minimize errors using myConnXion’s real-time, in-system guidance designed to help companies complete tasks in record time. 

Benefits to Suppliers

  • Easy profile creation with expanded company attributes enables suppliers to own their company profile and control what buyers will see.

  • A single place to manage and share your company profile, saving time by eliminating the need to re-enter information in multiple sources and making it easier to share your information with buyers, including those using other platforms/portals/applications.

  • Profile tracking to see which companies have received your supplier profile.

  • Registration process and profile completion simplified with levels instead of % complete, delivering a better, more straightforward supplier registration experience.

Benefits to Buyers

  • Access to view supplier profiles regardless of their location, allowing you to vet suppliers before inviting them to register. No need to wait for conference season to make valuable supplier connections.

  • Invite suppliers to share their information and register in your buyer portal. Drastically speed up the time it takes to vet suppliers.

  • Improve import process to enable integration with ERP data, spend data, etc. This template-driven import is specific to the ConnXus products you use and provides more insight into what’s happening during the data import process.

  • Quick conference registration via buyer portal to more easily gather information about suppliers. Quickly collect supplier information via buyer portal when they visit conference booths. No more business cards to collect and sort through.

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Beyond the new features and benefits available on day one, myConnXion will form the foundation for future planned ConnXus innovations—including functionality to more easily manage sourcing opportunities and simplify the RFP process.

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