ConnXus Service Desk

Need Assistance? The ConnXus Service Desk Can Help

The ConnXus Service desk has grown and evolved a great deal since its’ inception. Since the Service desk started out, it has grown from just one person fielding calls to an expanded staff that can support client expansion around the world. Our staff goes through extensive procedures and training to ensure they are able to handle any client request, no matter where it comes from, giving our clients the best customer service experience possible. 

Our Service desk is manned from 7AM-9PM EST. Monday – Friday with an expert staff ready to assist you with any problems you might have. We are able to field calls after hours in business-critical circumstances. You can also email any problem or issue to Please note that support is only available in English for the time being. 

At ConnXus, we are committed to satisfying any customer request to the best of our ability, and that includes answering questions and solving problems on your behalf.  If there is anything you may need, just give us a call, we’re here to help. 

Call Toll Free: 

Japan: +81-800-1000-088

India: +911-800-9190-921

UK: +44 (800) 3689096

US/Canada: +1-855-513-5155

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