ConnXus Celebrates Eight Years of Impact & Gratitude

On April 7th, 2010, ConnXus was founded on a simple mission: to impact the community through connection. Eight years later, we’ve encountered many successes, failures, and pivots. But a constant throughout our journey has been our hardworking and passionate team members. We’re not a faceless corporation. We’re a growing family of thirty men and women (70% women, 37% minority) committed to doing our best, day in and out.

Our innovative team has created a company culture that has taken a life of its own. ConnXus strives to promote an inclusive and engaging work environment. To celebrate our birthday, we want to share eight things we’re grateful for, from our team members.

  1. Health & Wellness: Jill McCauley, Account Manager, appreciates internal activities for promoting good mental and physical health. “From the 90-day fitness challenges to our stand-up desks and corporate memberships at the Mason Community Center, our work environment is very intentional about promoting employee health,” she said.
  2. Professional Development Opportunities: Shannon Frohme, Sr. Marketing Manager, is grateful for training investment. “I am thankful for the ongoing professional development ConnXus offers employees,” she said. “Each year we have opportunities to develop our professional skills by attending industry conferences, obtaining a new business certification or taking a course at a local university.”
  3. Hope & Change: Carrie Hawkins, Director of Strategic Accounts, believes in hope. “Every six months something big happens at ConnXus,” she said. “We’re always pivoting. We’re always excited about new changes because we have hope for making a positive impact on communities around us. We give businesses hope for a better future.”
  4. Innovation: Tyler Johnson, Sr. Manager of Technology Solutions, appreciates the unique technical opportunities in ConnXus. “Our innovative environment is far more flexible than a traditional SaaS company,” he said. “Our in-house development team is encouraged to solve business problems through collaboration and ideation.”
  5. Diversity: Daria Keys-Bishop, Business Analyst, values workplace diversity at ConnXus. “We practice what we preach,” she said. “We grow as a company through inclusive values and work with people from all different kinds of backgrounds, getting new ideas and perspectives we might not have been exposed to otherwise.”
  6. Mentorship: Sheila Mukasa, Business Analyst, is grateful for the open and supportive work environment. “We really look out for each other,” she said. “Leadership believes in us, and from their positions they may see things in us that we don’t see ourselves. I’m very encouraged to build my strengths and help others along the way.”
  7. Making a Difference: Carrie Hof, Director of Integration & Innovation, believes in the impact of startup work. “The opportunity to bring my experience and knowledge into such a young, small company helps me make a difference,” she said, “not only with structures, processes, and products, but also molding and mentoring those that are hungry to learn from my experiences.”
  8. Engaging Leadership: Crystal Davis, Sr. Member Services & Affiliate Program Manager, states that leadership fosters a spirit of collaboration throughout the business. “We’re empowered to make collaborative decisions with a sense of autonomy,” she said. “Leadership does a good job of guiding and developing us.”

Together, ConnXus remains committed to providing world-class supplier management software and customer service. Thank you to our passionate and hard-working team members. Here’s to another eight years of success!