Platinum Supplier Spotlight: The Richwell Group

In our latest ConnXus Platinum® Supplier Spotlight, we feature Jamie Crump, president of The Richwell Group. Established in 2017, The Richwell Group is a consultancy specializing in strategic sourcing and supplier diversity, helping clients make informed business decisions with over 30 years of cross-industry experience in global supply chain and supplier diversity. The Richwell Group serves businesses large and small by creating measurable results, with a focus on total cost solutions, risk mitigation, and scalable strategy.

The Richwell Group began with Jamie’s expertise in sourcing. Previously at United Rentals, Inc., Jamie had over a decade of experience as director of strategic sourcing and supplier diversity and was responsible for various business services and operations. During the course of her career, she has served on a number of advisory boardsand has frequently spoken at sourcing and supplier diversity events across North America.

A Unique Approach to the Market Gap

Jamie believes her experience at United had a defining impact on her career and has allowed her to be more efficient and creative. When Jamie started at United, the company didn’t have a supplier diversity program. She was asked to put a program in place.  In her experience, she noticed procurement and supplier diversity were sometimes at odds. Sourcing best practices of centralizing the supply base where “less is more”, while supplier diversity initiatives placed importance on expanding opportunities for suppliers that can be seen as a larger supplier base. These different motivations sometimes created conflict. Jamie made the decision to have each employee on her team wear both hats. She made the commitment to train everyone in both strategic sourcing and supplier diversity, bringing decision makers straight to the source of business.

This process eliminated conflict and helped to provide the business case for supplier diversity at the C-suite level. Jamie believes many creative business opportunities came as a result. Whenever a supplier had a business continuity challenge, other suppliers could step in. She tested this theory against traditional procurement practices when United purchased its largest competitor at the time, and after comparing contracts, she found her approach fostered competition, better service levels, and lower prices.

“I found that a lot of services depend on local people, and our supplier diversity initiative urged organizations to find new and better ways to do business. I had increased internal customer satisfaction as a result,” she said. “What began as an opportunity to test a different method in the diversity supply chain ended up also providing a fresh approach to sourcing that kept a number of categories competitive and service-oriented.”

A Bright Future Ahead

With her experience, Jamie is very strategic about operating The Richwell Group. She partners with other small and diverse companies for larger projects and has decided to hold off on expanding her consultancy until she has provided consistent return of business value for her diverse customer base. Working with corporations as well as small, diverse companies, she addresses different needs and business strategies in her day-to-day work.

In the future, she hopes to leverage her business partnerships and expand services in analytics, contract negotiation, and third-party risk management. Learn more about her company and services at: