Software Firm ConnXus Empowers Responsible, Sustainable Supply Chains with Major Platform Expansion

MASON, Ohio, Feb. 28, 2017 /PRNewswire/ — Software provider ConnXus has announced the expansion of its platform to better serve the increased demand for cloud-based supplier management solutions.

Known for connecting small and minority owned suppliers to Fortune 2000 companies, ConnXus’ supplier diversity application is now joined by additional procurement, supplier relationship management, and supply chain sustainability solutions. The integrated system simplifies today’s increasingly complex global supply chain.

“When we discuss the next-generation supply chain with our clients, it’s centered around responsible, sustainable sourcing,” said ConnXus COO and co-owner Daryl Hammett. “And managing that supply chain requires tools designed to empower inclusion, transparency, and collaboration. A one-stop shop for managing and reporting on those crucial supplier-buyer relationships.”

As the demands change for suppliers and buyers alike, ConnXus will continue serving companies on both sides of the transaction, first by opening its supplier database up to all suppliers, not just diverse businesses. ConnXus’ supplier software allows suppliers to register within a database and gain access to buyers searching for their products and services.

ConnXus is known for its data rich reporting and dashboards, including supplier data analysis, ERP integration, and the high demand ConnXus Economic Impact Report. The company’s ConnXSmart® strategic sourcing tool helps buyers achieve their procurement goals by facilitating connections with vetted suppliers. TierTracker® brings powerful reporting functionality that accurately tracks tier 2 spend by location, ethnicity, and other compliance related metrics.

The company has several international products including diverse and/or non-diverse spend tracking, Registration Portals and Enterprise Dashboards which allow clients to summarize data across multiple Registration Portals on one easy-to-view dashboard. International products are currently used in eight different countries including China, India, and the United States.

ConnXus recently added supplier vetting, risk analysis and mitigation, and will soon add financial tools including accounts payable and invoice tracking.

For additional information about ConnXus and their growing suite of supplier management solutions, visit the company’s website at, and to register your company on the ConnXus platform, visit

About ConnXus
ConnXus supplier management solutions simplify the complexities of global supply chains and allow buyers to achieve their goals of responsible and sustainable sourcing. ConnXus is a NMSDC and CPUC-certified minority-owned business enterprise based in Mason, Ohio with local, regional and international capabilities.

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