ConnXus Risk Solutions

Whether you’re seeking a basic financial risk report or a comprehensive, deep background check on your suppliers,  ConnXus software is designed to meet and surpass your supply risk management needs. Easily access financial risk scorecards, supplier compliance reports and supply chain risk management tools from one central, cloud-based space.

The ConnXus Suite of Solutions

ConnXus Product & Plugin
  • Risk Scorecard®

    Risk Scorecard

    Basic Financial Risk Assessment & Reporting Tool

    At ConnXus, we understand the importance of developing long-lasting, dependable relationships with other companies. Rather than continuing the trend of uninformed and uncertain business decisions, we developed the Risk Scorecard, a high-level supplier financial risk assessment.

  • Risk DeteXion™

    Robust Supplier Risk Alerts & Watch-lists 

    Our robust Risk DeteXion software makes it easy to access an expanded level of intelligence and assessment capabilities for vetting potential partners, suppliers, clients and vendors, while reducing the time and expense of conducting such comprehensive evaluations.

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