What is Risk DeteXion?

For organizations with higher levels of third-party risk exposure, ConnXus offers Risk DeteXion.

Our robust Risk DeteXion makes it easy to access an expanded level of intelligence and assessment capabilities for vetting potential partners, suppliers, clients and vendors, while reducing the time and expense of conducting such comprehensive evaluations. You’ll also be able to perform deep background checks on companies and verify their parent/subsidiary structure, financial health and merger and acquisition activity all within the ConnXus dashboard.


Know More and Stay Informed

Investigate and Vet

Easily investigate suppliers of interest, with whom you’re currently contracted or considering doing business with, and get an unfiltered picture of the complex web of relationships and affiliations between them and other parties, or stay current on the continuing financial health of existing partners and clients with instant access to news and key developments as they happen.

Search 26,000 Public & Private Sources

Risk DeteXion gives you access to over 26,000 sources and archivals to help mitigate risk with vendors and suppliers with robust background checks and negative news results. 

Research Public and Private Entities

From a single search, Risk DeteXion pulls data from a vast array of public record databases, including more than 200 biographical sources and executive profiles, and 400-plus databases covering both public and private companies, including Marquis’ Who’s Who, Standard & Poor’s, Debrett’s, and D&B Global Profiles.

Actively Monitor Sources

Risk DeteXion actively monitors over 27,000 global public and private sources, country risk reports, international company profiles, court cases (including UK, EU, African and Pacific Rim jurisdictions), and 1.4 million records on people with political exposure.

Mitigate Risk and Deal with Confidence

Risk DeteXion helps you avoid getting involved with inadequate suppliers by providing a way to effectively research potential investment opportunities, partnerships, acquisitions, or other strategic alliances. Discover if a business entity has a history of litigation or open lawsuits that may impact your business. Access federal and state agency decisions, verdicts, settlements, FINRA actions, arbitration rewards, international law reviews, and over 800 sanctions and watch lists, including OFAC, EPLS, OIG, HM Treasury, and FBI. Our Supplier Risk Assessment is also a reliable tool for conducting due diligence fact-finding that complies with requirements established by the U.S. Foreign Corrupt Practices Act, UKS Modern Slavery Act, and UK Bribery Act.

Our exclusive Risk DeteXion delivers it all to you in one easy to navigate dashboard and integrates with the rest of your supplier management products you are using through ConnXus.

Investigate and gain in-depth knowledge that helps mitigate risk

Risk DeteXion Features

  • Integrated into ConnXus Dashboard

    Just enter the name of the company you’re researching; sophisticated, intelligent search logic gathers you relevant results from across databases.

  • Download your search history

    Create an instant component of your audit trail, an essential record of due diligence.

  • Select default search sources

    Or choose your own mandatory search sources.

Download the Product Guide

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