Is Your Supplier Diversity Program Languishing from a Lack of Information?

“You can have data without information, but you cannot have information without data.”

– Daniel Keys Moran

When you’re making important supply-chain decisions, nothing’s more frustrating than not having accurate data to make well-informed choices. In fact, one recent study revealed that today’s supplier managers consider data quality the number-one challenge they face.

According to the British website, “Buyer organisations need to know that those suppliers in their supply chain are financially stable, share similar corporate social responsibility values … and have appropriate risk mitigation strategies… Without access to thorough, validated supplier data, buyer organisations are unable to hold their supply chain to account, identify areas of risk, pinpoint opportunities for improvement and confidently submit to audit and assessments of their own.”

When it comes to your diverse supplier mix, potential causes of a data deficit include questionable accuracy, outdated diversity certifications, and incomplete ownership information. How can you make sure you have all the clean, validated data you need to manage a best-in- class supplier diversity program?

Dashboard Delivery

At ConnXus, we think it should be simple to implement and manage a more inclusive supply chain for your business. With the easy-to- use ConnXus supplier management dashboard as its centerpiece, our web-based platform gives you access to all your supplier diversity tools and data in one place – and in real time.

  • First, the ConnXus Registration Portal lets you collect, search, and slice-and- dice all your supplier information in one secure, customized repository.
  • Second, TierTracker® is a technology-driven tool that makes it simple to view, manage, and measure all your data on your Tier 2 diverse supplier spending.
  • Third, our ConnXus Database platform offers you the access you need to diversify your supply chain, up-to-date information on more than 1.7 million diverse supplier certifications.
  • Fourth, SmartScrub® is our automated data enrichment and validation service with Tier 1 spend reporting add-ons.

The Data You Need to Succeed

So there you have it – a streamlined, dashboard-based system that helps both sides get what they need. Corporations and other large organizations can find new and qualified vendors. Veteran-, women-, and minority-owned businesses can identify and compete for the Fortune 2000 contracts they need to grow and thrive.

It should be clear by now that you really need accurate, timely, and validated data to monitor and manage your diverse supplier programs. Discover for yourself why world-class corporations like McDonald’s, Allstate, and Cummins already use the ConnXus dashboard-based system. There’s no reason to let a lack of reliable data hold you back any longer. connxus-lands- 5m-venture-capital- investment/84224430/

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