ConnXus makes it easy for your suppliers to register with you, and we provide an automated supplier self-update process that can collect diversity certificates and keep files current. Instead of a costly, do-it-yourself solution for managing your suppliers, choose the ConnXus online portal to save time and effort.






Every ConnXus Registration Portal is equipped with a state-of-the-art vendor management system.

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How is ConnXus Simplifying Supplier Registration?

  • Effortlessly track the rate at which suppliers register in your portal

  • Cloud-based dashboard allows unlimited numbers of internal users and suppliers to access data 24/7

  • A place for you to post opportunities within your approved network or to the extended ConnXus Database

  • Easily register and engage with certified and international suppliers on a user-friendly interface

  • Account managers seamlessly transition your existing supplier data with one-on-one implementation training, supplier certification imports & more*

    *Available on a concierge-level subscription plan

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Streamline Vendor Management: Configure The ConnXus Supplier Funded Registration Portal Today

What Is The ConnXus Supplier Funded Registration Portal?

Your business has important supply needs. While you could potentially save time and money by building connections with non-diverse suppliers, you have chosen to pursue relationships with diverse businesses to help create a sustainable, global supply chain. As you form these connections, however, you also have to take on the costs of creating your supplier diversity program. You need to be able to encourage suppliers to work with your company, but you also need funding to sustain this supply chain.

With ConnXus’ Supplier Funded Registration Portal, you can fund your supplier diversity program by requiring a registration payment for suppliers joining your portal. This online portal can also streamline your vendor management, making it easy for suppliers to join your portal and simplifying your buyer-supplier connections.

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Why You Need The Supplier Funded Registration Portal

Time is a precious commodity in your workplace. Rather than spending countless hours and dollars on managing your suppliers, let the Supplier Funded Registration Portal do the work for you. With this tool, you can manage current vendors, connect with new suppliers, and facilitate registration payments — all in one user-friendly location.

Using supplier payments to fund a supplier diversity program is nothing new, but ConnXus offers the first opportunity to collect payments through your registration portal. This unique type of registration portal allows you to set your own fee amounts and choose whether you want to charge every supplier or only a specific subset. Your suppliers can also submit their fees using either ACH payments or credit cards, offering a payment flexibility that will attract more vendors.

Additionally, with the Supplier Funded Registration portal, ConnXus maintains and collects payments on your behalf. Instead of spending precious time and money collecting these payments yourself or through a third-party vendor, you can fund your program without demands on your time or energy. This registration portal allows you to cover the full or partial cost of your program through supplier payments and without additional input from you or your company.

When you are able to fund your supplier diversity program, registration portal, and vendor management system, your company can become more attractive to large buying organizations. These businesses, especially those facing increasing supplier diversity budget cuts, are looking for lucrative buy-in prospects. With a fully or partially self-sustaining program, you have a better chance of attracting corporate-level executives for potential buy-ins.

Whether your company has a limited budget or a need for increased revenue streams, ConnXus’ Supplier Funded Registration Portal offers additional funding, as well as improved vendor management.

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