ConnXus TierTracker® uses a patent-pending application to track your prime suppliers' spending with diverse suppliers.
The dashboard-based tool equips you with the visuals and analytics you need to provide clear reports to your supplier diversity and procurement team.

Benefits of TierTracker

  • Track accurate Tier 2 spend by location, ethnicity and compliance, then view results in cutting-edge visuals

  • Supplier tags simplify your job when it’s time for primes to report tier 2 direct and indirect spend

  • Save time and allow automatic alerts to remind primes to report their direct and indirect spend

  • Ease-of-use encourages primes to report, increasing your tier 2 spend data

  • Configure tier 2 reports to meet your supplier diversity program requirements

  • Quarterly training courses for primes ensures high quality data and increases reporting goals*

    *Available only on a concierge-level subscription plan

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Robust Features

  • Automatic reporting reminders save you time

  • Custom management of Tier 2 reports gives you control

  • Spend is filterable by ethnicity to provide you with data-rich clarity

  • Ad-hoc reporting breaks out by project, prime suppliers and more

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