Supplier Spotlight: HPC


For this month’s Supplier Spotlight, we caught up with HPC. Started in 1996 by Dr. Hilton Hudson, HPC fills gaps in healthcare services and knowledge by providing innovative, cost-effective solutions to streamline operational efficiency, spread knowledge, and produce meaningful health outcomes for healthcare institutions.

Today, HPC is comprised of three separate divisions: Innovative Services, Publishing, and Evidence-Based Medical Information (EMIC):

  1. HPC’s Association Management helps centralize tasks such as coordinating membership registration and conference enrollment to significantly drive down costs in this area by 20-30% on average. HPC’s Media Management procures virtually any type of media product an organization might need and then leverages the total spend of all of their clients to drive down prices with publishers—ultimate reducing customers spend on content by up to 15% annually. Last, HPC’s Library Management supports institutions with reduced library capacity by providing a “virtual librarian,” to manage a library’s budget, make purchasing decisions, and provide day-to-day search assistance, thus allowing hospitals to continue providing critical training and information while saving money.
  2. HPC’s Hilton Publishing creates and distributes material to K-12 schools, universities, Fortune 500 corporations and healthcare organizations. Their Sickle Cell series, Hope and Destiny, is the most used publication on the topic in the nation.
  3. HPC’s Evidence-Based Medical Information (EMIC) group encompasses HPC’s grant partnerships, new evidence-based and clinically-driven product development, marketing, and commercialization of products.

Dr. Hudson encourages his staff to think about the pain points of customers. Healthcare institutions are constantly balancing time, treasure and talent, so HPC services free time for other tasks, provide oversight, prevent overspending, and, most importantly, preserve talented staff for critical patient care.

Founded in Chicago, a third of HPC’s corporate employees are staffed remotely. Company culture is fundamental for success in this environment. Dr. Hudson cultivates a smart and efficient team by fostering a culture of excellence, commitment, and respect. To learn more about HPC’s services and educational products, visit their website at: