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ConnXus Platinum Supplier Spotlight


In our latest ConnXus Platinum® Supplier Spotlight, we feature Lori Kaiser, CEO of Kaiser Consulting. As an accomplished accounting and finance executive, Lori created her firm to help companies understand their financial performance and drive better business outcomes. Previously, Lori’s defining work at KPMG taught her technical expertise, critical analysis, and problem solving from a global perspective. As she left the traveling and consulting lifestyle, former clients reached out for project help. She quickly realized her work could fill a niche gap, and sought out professionals with different backgrounds to support her services.

A Niche for New Business

Kaiser Consulting specializes in compliance audits, internal control reviews, process improvement, and technology consulting. Lori notes that businesses are often so focused on growth, they forget about the importance of internal control and infrastructure. “As soon as you forget, something happens,” she said. “It’s like driving your car without insurance; it’s way worse when you have an issue.” Many of Kaiser’s clients come with an issue and seek short or long-term fixes. The consulting firm is often called in to do clean up and damage control. Lori finds larger companies are generally more proactive, as their businesses involve regulation, and they’ve learned from past experience to allocate resources to prevent rather than react.

Small businesses, on the other hand, often have little experience understanding the importance of investing their limited resources as the business is growing to build a solid financial foundation, which benefits the business in both the short and long run. When small businesses scrimp on accounting resources, it could ultimately cost them more in clean-up or losses. Lori works with her team to implement good internal controls and checkpoints. “Everyone needs to understand their numbers and have good financial records to be successful,” she said. “It’s crucial to understand key performance metrics for organizations to drive successful business.”

A Unique Company Culture

Kaiser Consulting’s value-add centers around comprehensive customer service, industry experience, and consistency. As a working professional and mother, Lori created flexible work options that decreased her firm’s turnover by a third of most accounting firms. “We design jobs to be done on a fractional basis,” she said. “We treat people right and let them work the schedule they want.” As a result, her employees retain high job satisfaction, and productivity, while her clients experience commitment to high quality and service.

Kaiser Group- LowRes 2016

Kaiser consulting redefines the way an organization’s financial statements are used to make business decisions. Financial statements can do more than illustrate how well your company did last month. They should be used to drive business performance and help grow your business.

To learn more about Kaiser Consulting, visit their website here.