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We connect diverse suppliers with Fortune 5000 companies through tangible bid opportunities and strategic sourcing. Browse all features below.

Create a Free Company Profile

myCBC includes a free business profile on myConnXion, a social networking tool that allows suppliers to create a centralized company profile that is accessible to buyers anywhere in the world. Using ConnXus’ secure digital supply chain ecosystem, you can share your ConnXus Company Profile with anyone and make instant connections.

myConnXion® gives you more time to innovate and grow your business by providing a simple profile creation process that provides a single location for managing and sharing company information.

myConnXion Supplier Social Network

Find Bid Opportunities

With ConnXus, you join a network of buyers and suppliers that span the globe. Fortune 5000 companies search our database for diverse suppliers who can meet their needs, giving you the opportunity to make strong, lucrative connections with big buyers. In our database, your diversity quickly becomes an asset that will open the door to countless, real-time business opportunities with a large network of companies who want to work with you.

Certify Your Business

ConnXus Certified™ is a Certification Program offered by ConnXus through the myConnXion® Business Center  (myCBC). ConnXus is committed to providing a seamless certification process that can be universally accepted.

ConnXus Certified™ (Certification) ensures small businesses get the resources they need to grow their business and get recognized by corporations who are searching for qualified suppliers.

ConnXus Certified
Salesforce Essentials

Save on Salesforce Essentials

Under a new partnership with Salesforce, myCBC members will receive a discount of 25% off Salesforce Essentials, a customer relationship management tool (CRM) that helps small businesses efficiently track sales cycles and deliver quality customer support.  With Essentials, you spend less time in spreadsheets and more time selling by tracking your emails, calls and meetings to automatically keep customer records up-to-date without tedious data entry.

After setting up your myCBC profile, go to Portal Resources for the link to sign up for Salesforce Essentials!

Learn the Sourcing Process with SIG

We’ve partnered with Sourcing Industry Group (SIG) and SIG University, a comprehensive certification program for sourcing professionals. Through our partnership, we’ll offer myCBC Members discounted access to SIG University’s Certified Sourcing Professional courses on the following topics: Statement of Work, Intro to RFX, Implementation Planning, Project Management, and Negation Preparations.

Create your free myCBC profile, then contact mycbc-support@connxus.com to get started!

SIG University

All Supplier Program Features

Free Company Profile

myCBC members receive a free company profile in myConnXion®, the ConnXus supply chain ecosystem and supplier social network that helps you centralize information, share data, and connect with more buyers.

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ConnXus Certified™

With myCBC, suppliers have the opportunity to become ConnXus Certified™ and have access to procurement professionals within the ConnXus community.

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Supplier Risk DeteXion

Risk DeteXion makes it easy to access an expanded level of intelligence and assessment capabilities for vetting potential partners, suppliers, clients and vendors, while reducing the time and expense of conducting such comprehensive evaluations.

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Our myCBC™ affiliates represent a wide range of services to suit your business needs – your one-stop shop for finding solutions to help grow your business.

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Access to Fortune 5000 Bid Opportunities

Fortune 5000 companies search our database for diverse suppliers and certified small businesses who can meet their needs, giving you the opportunity to make strong, lucrative connections with big buyers.

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Business Development and Coaching*

We have three Platinum business coaches who offer top-notch business development advice and strategies. During your in-person or virtual coaching session, you can share your goals and the areas you want to be coached on, such as capital, financing, sales, leadership, and more.

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myCBC suppliers have access to valuable discounts from ConnXus partners including Salesforce, SIG University, Costco, and more.

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Webinars & Resource Center

myCBC suppliers gain access to free webinars that give insight, timely information, and development presented by ConnXus and myCBC Affiliates, along with access to industry-specific information through our Supplier Resource library.

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Training & Education Resources

Upcoming Events

Stay abreast of upcoming myConnXion® Business Center (myCBC) events for suppliers. Be sure to RSVP to save your seat at select events as spots go fast!

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Supplier Resources

Articles, guides, and webinar resources to help suppliers reach the next level in their development. Check out the myCBC Supplier Resource center today.

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*Denotes feature available to ConnXus Platinum suppliers. Compare development programs for more details.

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