ConnXus Supplier Management Software

Technology that Connects Suppliers with Buyers to Accelerate Business

A Vendor Registration Portal is a secure website where suppliers can register to do business with buyers. A vendor portal is a type of information and communication technology (ICT) that stores data and facilitates communication between buyers and sellers.  A portal is a door, or a gateway. ConnXus has a Supplier Registration Portal that opens the door to opportunity by helping suppliers of products and services connect with buyers from Fortune 2000 companies. The portal is a gateway to building sustainable business relationships.  

What is the Difference Between a Vendor and Supplier?

In the supply chain world, “Vendor” and “Supplier” are used interchangeably, though an Oxford dictionary definition reminds a reader that a vendor markets something for sale, and a supplier can supply something at a price, or for free.  Buyers and suppliers on a ConnXus portal expect to pay and be paid for supplies, however registration on the ConnXus vendor portal is free.

Register to Raise Supply Chain Diversity on a Vendor Portal

Diversity is an evolving social metric in building a sustainable supply chain.  Governments, as well as private and public corporations, often have diversity requirements and metrics in place. For instance, The Coca-Cola Company has earmarked one-billion dollars for supplier diversity, and the U.S. government is required to commit a portion of contracts to minority-owned businesses.  In 2017, there were 24 federal agencies that required 5% of federal contracts to go to small disadvantaged business enterprises, and 5% to women-owned small business, and another 5% to small businesses owned by disabled Veterans.

ConnXus is a certified minority-owned business that advocates for supplier diversity. (The Coca-Cola Company is part of the ConnXus network). The ConnXus company has online DBE (disadvantaged business enterprise) certification advice for minorities, women, LGBT, disabled, Veterans, and other socially and economically disadvantaged business owners.  When a disadvantaged business enterprise registers on the ConnXus vendor portal, the business can showcase DBE certification so mission-oriented buyers can easily find certified minority-owned and disadvantaged suppliers.  ConnXus has over 250 certification classifications buyers can search for using the ConnXus portal. The diverse certification filtering gives ConnXus users the distinct advantage of building mission-centric alliances at a speed faster than competitors. The ConnXus Platinum supplier development program has even more time-saving advantages such as faster registration and connection building advantages.

Vendor Registration Portals Build Communities

A ConnXus vendor registration portal is a gateway to the supply chain community. The technology behind ConnXus allows buyers and suppliers to communicate and form tech-assisted communities, but the Platinum Supplier Development program with ConnXus facilitates face-to-face community building activities. With Platinum, registered suppliers receive invitations to sourcing events, meeting space, and business coaching. There are even geo-targeting advantages within the ConnXus database to support local supplier-buyer relationships. Local relationships can be leveraged during community building activities for influence and media exposure. Suppliers determine quality, and buyers want to showcase suppliers that affirm company commitment to quality.

Registering with ConnXus as a supplier magnifies your products and services to buyers around the world. Whether you are a small local business or a Fortune 500 company, ConnXus will facilitate a meaningful supplier-buyer relationship and a sustainable future. Register for free to enter your supply chain community and accelerate your business.